Welcome to the Sisterhood, Khat Suh and Sunn Aisah!

We are pleased to welcome two new seamstresses, Khat Suh and Sunn Aisah, to the Red Dirt Road team in Cambodia! These young mothers were recently hired because of the growing demand for our products. Two more young mothers can now support their families while working close to their families! 

Saly, our lead seamstress, left her depressing job in Cambodia's garment industry to follow her dreams to start her own sewing business. Alan Lightman, founder of The Harpswell Foundation, had offered to cover the expense of sewing lessons for Saly in Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh. In exchange, Saly agreed to teach her new skills to other women in her home village of Tramung Chrum. So, after six months of training, Saly made the three hour trip home and began to fulfill her end of the bargain. 

Aisah and Suh were members of the class of twelve women Saly trained upon her return from the city. Thanks to the growing number of women who love Red Dirt Road silk purses, bags, and scarves, Saly has been able to hire more seamstresses.

Women in the U.S. buy these products because they are beautiful, functional, and bring us pleasure. And because it feels good to be a part of the global sisterhood of women helping women to realize their dreams.

The measure of success for Red Dirt Road is not profit dollars for shareholders. Rather, it is measured by the number of young Cambodian women employed in their home village, close to their families and children. Away from the monotonous, long hours of the garment industry and a life of poverty, far from home.  Score two more for the sisterhood!