Each of our Red Dirt Road Evening Bags is hand made by our village artisans using the finest Cambodian silk. The natural silk fiber is known to readily accept color, as seen in the beautiful intensity of our color selection. Choose a neutral shade to work for you year-round, or go with one of our seasonal on-trend hues for an eye-catching splash of color to complete your look.

The designs are carefully constructed using foot powered sewing machines. Interfacing materials are heat-fused onto the silk using irons heated with coal. Our seamstress, Lar, who has earned the loving nickname of "ironing lady," knows when the iron is just hot enough to enable the fabrics to fuse, but not so hot as to cause the silk to scorch. This is a critical step when creating these beautiful works of art. 

Designed with the modern woman in mind, the bags are sized to easily hold an evening's essentials, including the larger smart phones. We recommend one of our coordinating silk wallets to complement your bag.

Envelope Clutch

Flower Clutch


Folio Clutch