There has been a small revolution in the village! With such rich soil surrounding the village, Lin has implemented small kitchen gardens to help support a balanced diet.

Nutrition is very important, especially for school age children, as their brains develop at an early age. Lin found that there was a lack of nutrients in their daily diet, and created a system where the tools, seeds and know-how, for very little donated money, was shared among the women. 

This photograph is typical of the gardens the women from the village have created. Lin is a farmer and a master educator from the USA state of Michigan, and has flown across the world to educate, counsel and inspire the women who just need a little help at times. Lin looks after the well-being of the women and their families in Tramung Chrum and has been the inspiration behind kitchen gardens, the creation of latrines and their first shower system.

If you would like to be part of this initiative, or want to donate money toward the kitchen gardens, we welcome your help. Please drop us a note in the CONTACT US section of the website.